Commsworld Connects To All Major UK Internet Exchanges

A DISRUPTIVE telecoms and network firm has become the only organisation to connect to all of the country’s internet exchanges – following an investment of more than £1million.

Having established a new core presence within AQL’s Salem Church datacentre in Leeds, Commsworld has joined IXLeeds Internet Exchange.

In doing so, it has become the only organisation to connect to all of the country’s internet exchanges, allowing it to offer an unrivalled locally interconnected service around the UK.

An internet exchange is the physical infrastructure through which internet service providers (ISPs) and content providers exchange internet traffic between their networks.

As a result of its new presence in Leeds, Commsworld can offer local businesses speeds of up to 10GBb/s, and crucially those businesses will enjoy an ultra low-latency connection to other businesses and online content hosted in the region.

Charlie Boisseau, Chief Technology Officer at Commsworld, said: “Commsworld has built a reputation for operating an incredibly high performance and low-latency network.  Whenever we expand the network to new cities or regions, we always look for better ways to interconnect our network to existing infrastructure.  

“When looking to build a presence in Leeds, we naturally set out to join IXLeeds.  Most providers still only connect to a couple of exchanges, typically in London. 

“It’s like all flights going through Heathrow airport, or all journeys through the M25. Imagine if to get from Leeds to Manchester, you had to go down the M1, into Docklands, round a roundabout and back up the M6.

“Not many providers have a national network like we do. This brings with it many technical benefits and gives us the opportunity to make ourselves the best locally connected internet service provider in the UK.”

Commsworld’s own national optical core network means that the firm has tripled the size of its existing dark fibre estate, connecting to more than 20 of the UK’s major cities including Leeds.

The new network allows the firm to offer more than 1 million businesses the best connection speeds available at competitive rates.

Established in 1994, Commsworld is one of the country’s most reputable providers of digital connectivity, managing the largest privately funded optical core network in the UK.

Ricky Nicol, Chief Executive of Commsworld, said: “Providing better connectivity solutions to our customers across the UK is the basis of everything we do.

“So to be able to add this final exchange to our network is a fantastic achievement – not to mention a unique, more local service than many of our rivals can offer.

“We’re firm believers that every corner of the country should benefit from the best connectivity, not just those in London.”

The move comes following confirmation of the firm’s most successful year ever, with revenues breaking through the £20 million barrier - a 41% increase on the previous year along with a threefold growth in profits.

It recently secured two lots on the new £5billion UK government telecoms and network framework, NS2, meaning it can benefit from a streamlined procurement process for the entirety of the UK public sector, associated bodies and agencies, the voluntary sector and charities.

Commsworld is one of the country’s most reputable providers of digital connectivity and offers a market disruptive service to rival legacy network providers.

Its next generation network is built specifically for businesses and has revolutionised the speed and resilience of internet for firms across the UK, and in particular Scotland, where it has operated for more than 20 years.

Commsworld’s connectivity products and services are underpinned by its optical core network and fully managed cloud and security solutions.