Third Sector

Charities and non-profits are continually under scrutiny with transparency of services and donations whilst trying to support and carry out their ambitions.

Previously keeping up with the digital age may not have been at the forefront of priorities but technology can play a key role in helping the third sector achieve its goals by delivering scalable, efficient and more importantly cost-effective services.

Increasing demands on charity sector resources means that IT departments need to make the best of what they have and look at ways of improving and integrating new services to drive greater flexibility and efficiency.

Third Sector organisations will hold masses of information about their donors and where that money is being spent so data protection should be a priority.  With donations coming from a younger audience there is the expectancy to be able to donate online or through an app so systems need to be able to cope with the demand.  And with a lot of a charities workforce being mobile there is a need to be flexible and have the right technology to achieve a seamless work experience.

Unified Communications allows staff to remain connected whether in the office or out in the field with seamless video, voice and instant messaging.

With large databases there is a need to address Cyber Security and GDPR whilst ensuring that your communications platform is robust enough to deal with the level of activity.

Our Network can give you peace of mind that your voice and data services are resilient and reliable so that when your dependents need help they can count on you.

Commsworld work with many Third Sector organisations and whether you are trying to reign in the costs or become more flexible we have a solution for you.


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