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Network infrastructure is the backbone of your business and with a unique set of needs – cutting costs and increasing revenue streams, future-proofing is vital for your business.

Many Large Enterprise / Corporate businesses face similar pain points such as legacy infrastructure, lack of scalability and the disruption that making these changes might cause.

End of life, additional growth and changing demands are usually the strongest forces for addressing new technology but when IT systems are spread across different locations and different architectures the task of managing this is a daunting process and can take its toll on organisations.

With businesses expanding, head count growing and the general consumption of data usage at an all-time high with no signs of slowing down, having the right communications infrastructure in place is vital.

Commsworld deliver solutions that are bespoke to your individual needs and address current problems but more importantly allowing for future changes such as increased bandwidth, additional sites and the security protection of your greatest assets.

Our solutions can provide you with:

  • Fully Managed Solution including designing, building, operating and managing day-to-day network and communication operations
  • Low-latency; resilient high-performance Network connectivity
  • Resilient and diverse connectivity
  • Our dark fibre footprint allows services to be upgraded easily and quickly and directly by Commsworld, not a 3rd party supplier
  • Extensive DDoS mitigation and firewalling
  • Secure Cloud Services
  • Class of Service
  • ITIL qualified service management

"Park’s Motor Group has been a customer with Commsworld for over 15 years and is testament to the strong relationship we have with them.  Commsworld manage our full communications infrastructure from mobiles and telephony to our WAN and we have found they outperform in service delivery and management across the board.  We can safely leave the management of our communications infrastructure with Commsworld enabling us to concentrate on our core business.”

Graeme Park, Marketing & IT Director


We can help manage and secure your communications infrastructure

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