Our Fluency network

Connectivity is key to any business, but with demand growing and everyday usage exploding with the use of applications, multiple devices the need for greater bandwidth, resiliency and flexibility is even more important.

Our Next Generation Network is built specifically for businesses; low-latency, uncontended internet access built upon carrier grade equipment come as standard. We use best of breed Juniper MX series routers and carrier-grade Cisco Metro Ethernet Switches with Tier 1internet transit and unparalleled UK peering.  We also spearheaded the development of IXScotland, a local Internet exchange in Edinburgh which has had a transformational effect on the quality and speed of the broadband connection businesses can experience as they no longer have to worry about the distance from current Internet Exchanges in London and Europe.

National Ethernet Topology

Metro Ethernet Topology

Metro Pure Fibre Topology



  • Full National Coverage
  • Fluency have multiple interconnects to limit the use of 3rd party networks


  • 3rd Party Operators are huge & unwieldy
  • Latency doesn’t always meet our high standards
  • Often two levels of supply chain before fibre operator
  • National networks often built to carry domestic traffic
  • NTE’s owned / managed by fibre operator
  • Restricted to bandwidth options set by 3rd party networks


  • Direct point-to-point fibre
  • Guaranteed latency
  • Single supplier upstream


  • 3rd Party Operators are huge and unwieldy
  • NTE's owned and managed by fibre operator
  • Restricted to bearer ‘size’ options set by fibre operator


  • As above
  • Removes one NTE (and possible point of failure) from topology
  • Remaining NTE managed by Fluency
  • CityFibre (fibre operator) are small and agile like us
  • Bandwidth set by Fluency, and capable of 10Gb/s or more

Why choose Commsworld?

We can guarantee that our network infrastructure is robust, secure and scalable and have invested millions in the network and are continually growing and adding to our roadmap unbundling exchanges, adding more points of presence, to ensure our network is fit-for-purpose now and in the future.

Added to that we are the lead partner for CityFibre’s Edinburgh Gigabit City offering customer’s access to a pure fibre network with multi gigabit speeds set to transform Edinburgh’s digital infrastructure.

Whatever path you choose we have all your routes covered; our solutions include EFM, EoFTTC, Fibre Ethernet, VPLS and Broadband. We build network solutions tailored to your needs, we don’t offer a one size fits all approach.

I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank James, Nick and Charlie for all their assistance, a few bumps along the road but all in all the end result is fantastic! I know there are further network improvements / additions to come and I look forward to our future together. Thanks everyone!