Our UK wide, fully owned and managed high capacity national network, spans every corner of the country from London to Inverness and beyond.

Our network has been built specifically to serve Commsworld's business and public sector customers, as well as a growing list of other Service Providers that consume our connectivity as part of their own offerings.  In its mission to control as much of the infrastructure as it possibly can, Commsworld operates every component of the network at the lowest possible level.  From consuming dark fibre wherever it is available, to peering on every Internet exchange in the UK, the Fluency network provides genuine competition in capability to the UK's large incumbent networks.

Business Benefits

  • Ultra-fast connectivity options available
  • Resilient failover capabilities
  • Flexibility offered for in-life changes
  • UK-wide reach

Technical Features

  • Wavelength, Ethernet and Broadband Connectivity options
  • Internet, P2P, P2MP (VPLS) or MPLS L3VPN in any configuration
  • Up to 100Gb/s connections available
  • Optical Core Network - 'Figure of Eight' dark fibre ring between Central Belt of Scotland and South of England
  • Carrier-grade Juniper MPLS to the edge.  Every PoP multi-homed with diverse backhauls (except 6 rural sites)
  • Best-of-breed Internet Access:  Three Global Tier-1 Transit Connections & Only ISP to be present on all 7 UK Internet Exchanges
  • Robust DDoS Mitigation Platform positioned in-line for always-on protection
  • 20 Network to Network Interconnects with off-net carriers, distributed around the country for low-latency WAN access

Why choose Commsworld?

Commsworld can guarantee its network infrastructure is robust, secure and scalable through its investments of millions of pounds.  The Fluency network is continually growing as Commsworld continues to unbundle exchanges, add more points of presence, ensuring it is fit-for-purpose now and in the future.

Whatever path you choose Commsworld has all your routes covered; Fluency products are simple infrastructure build blocks that can cater for the most straightforward Internet connection through to complex and mission-critical connectivity solutions.


Towns and Cities






Data Centres


Peering & Transit Capacity

2,000+ KM

of Optical Core

30,000 KM

of Metro Dark
Fibre Reach


Circuits connected
to network

1.6 Tbs

Core optical


Tier 1 Global Transit


Internet Exchange

25 Tbs

On-Net Edge
Port Capacity


No. Of Off-Net Interconnects

(TalkTalk, Sky, Virgin, BTWholesale etc.)