Our Optical Core Network (OCN) is a high capacity DWDM platform spanning over 37 Points of Presence (PoPs) from London through to Bristol and Cardiff in the South of the UK all the way to Edinburgh and Glasgow in the North.

What does it do?

The Commsworld Optical Wavelength Service provides service providers and carriers with high capacity, low latency point-to-point connectivity between PoPs over our OCN.  In addition, a growing number of Metro Area Optical Networks and a suite of tail-circuit options extend wavelength Services to customer sites.


High Capacity Wavelengths are available in 10GE, 100GE and 200GE capacities as well as 8GFC, 16GFC and 32GFC.

Low Latency Commsworld has been fastidious in selecting the shortest route and optimising its equipment to offer the lowest latency possible.

Resilient OCN and many of the Metro Area Optical Networks are designed in ring topologies, giving customer choice over single and dual (diverse) routes.

Widely Available ‘Wavelength Bearer’ optical tail circuits allow delivery of multiple wavelengths into a customer site anywhere within approximately 80km of a Fluency optical PoP.

Multi-Service Bearer Offering a multi-service solution where individual wavelengths can be routed to different locations. For example: The first wave delivered to a customer premises over a Wavelength Bearer in Newcastle may terminate in Leeds, with the second terminating in Edinburgh. At a later point the customer may request a third wavelength to either of the existing sites for additional capacity, or to a new site.

Active Ethernet Wavelengths In addition to providing P2P connectivity, one or more waves delivered over a Wavelength Bearer can simply terminate at the Fluency PoP becoming the transport mechanism for a Fluency Ethernet circuit. This can facilitate all the usual options available through the Fluency Ethernet connectivity portfolio including Direct Internet Access as well as a spoke of a VPLS P2P/P2MP or L3VPN Wide Area Network.

Flexible Topologies:

Wavelengths can be provided in a variety of topologies.

On-Net to On-Net Where a customer requires wavelengths between any two Commsworld Optical PoPs. Delivery is straightforward between the Fluency transmission equipment and the customers equipment over a simple building or campus cross-connect cable at each end.

On-Net to Off-Net (Wavelength Bearer) Where the A-end of a wavelength is a Commsworld optical PoP and the B-end is off-net, delivery at the B-end is achieved using a Wavelength Bearer as described above. As standard, the Wavelength Bearer is delivered with 4 channels allowing future wavelengths to be delivered to the same or other locations in future.

Off-Net to Off-Net (2 x Wavelength Bearers) Where a customer requires wavelengths between two sites of which neither are a Commsworld PoP, we can provide two separate Wavelength Bearers from its nearest PoPs at each end.

Spectrum Lease Carriers that are looking to achieve future-proof connectivity between a large number of on-net PoPs around the Commsworld Network have the opportunity to lease a fixed capacity of raw optical spectrum (also known as “alien wavelengths”) on a long term basis.

This approach is positioned for service providers and carriers who may otherwise look to procure their own dark fibre.


Towns and Cities






Data Centres


Peering & Transit Capacity

2,000+ KM

of Optical Core

30,000 KM

of Metro Dark
Fibre Reach


Circuits connected
to network

1.6 Tbs

Core optical


Tier 1 Global Transit


Internet Exchange

25 Tbs

On-Net Edge
Port Capacity


No. Of Off-Net Interconnects

(TalkTalk, Sky, Virgin, BTWholesale etc.)


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