Commsworld offers simple virtual machine services on its own KVM-based virtualisation platform. When coupled with other services, such as VPLS and Ethernet based connectivity - Commsworld can remotely host a server VM which appears to be on a customer's LAN. 


  • No need to physically touch the host to set up new VMs (hosts can be remote in a highly resilient datacentre)
  • Commworld Fluency on-net customers can get full bandwidth for their VMs
  • Fully managed 'Infrastructure as a service'
  • Customer has full administrative control


  • VMs can appear on the client LAN for ease of migration
  • VMs can be moved with no downtime, therefore maintenance can be carried out on hosts without impacting service
  • Legacy operating systems / applications can be migrated to VMs, mitigating the risk of old unsupported hardware failing
  • Effectively unlimited storage capacity
  • Can integrate with a Fluency WAN solution, with Cloud Firewall, VPN
  • Can be Internet-facing (or have multiple interfaces for LAN/WAN etc.)


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