Fixed Lines & SIP Trunking

Regardless of the platform or this digital age we live in making and receiving voice calls is still imperative, the rates being charged for lines and minutes still play an important role ensuring our clients receive cost effective rates.

Commsworld will analyse your current bills for both landline and mobile traffic and offer up a comprehensive review for your consideration.

In addition to UK rates we can offer International rates for across the world and inbound rates to support 033x numbers for service support operations.


Fixed Lines

Commsworld’s Fixed Line solution offers many benefits to suit a range of business needs and comes in two variances:

PSTN (public switched telephone network) a basic high quality telephone connection and ISDN which enables both voice and data to be sent simultaneously.

Both are very reliable and offer businesses the flexibility they need but it is worth bearing in mind that from 2020 these systems will no longer be installed and from 2025 they will be turned off completely.

With the investments currently going on in the communications marketplace the current network is extremely outdated and this is why there has been huge investments in superfast broadband and fibre connectivity, and a trend towards IP based solutions.


For those who are unsure, SIP Trunking allows businesses to use their phone system to make calls over the internet. With SIP Trunking, clients have a totally flexible and resilient voice number service with the additional benefits of a hosted solution that protects from disruption in a way legacy platforms may not.

Commsworld operate our own SIP platform and have our own allocated Ofcom numbering ranges so we are able to offer our clients an extremely stable platform upon which to carry their crucial voice traffic. The ability to have numbers pointing anywhere is attractive to many geography neutral organisations.

Commsworld also operate our own billing platform that integrates fully with the Openreach WLR3 platform allowing us direct access for the placing and monitoring of orders and management of faults.

This is a very important aspect of moving numbers into the SIP world and Commsworld manage that on behalf of our clients. We carry out the crucial data gathering regarding existing number ranges in order to ensure a smooth transition with no interruptions. Commsworld have porting agreements in place to ensure no loss of numbers between operators.


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