Business Voice Systems

Business phone systems are a long-term investment; many businesses can go up to ten years between upgrades which in the world of technology is a life-time. The advancements in this time-frame can be vast so it’s no wonder looking at the options can feel like a minefield; and then there is the decision as to whether to keep it on-premise or go for a cloud solution.

Either way it’s important to choose a solution that’s right for you now and further down the line, a solution that will last!

On-premise vs the cloud

There is no right or wrong decision, just the one that’s right for your business. But, it is important that whatever solution you choose that it delivers the features and applications you need such as collaboration or integration with 3rd party suppliers.

On-premise features

  • Good for businesses that have the resources to invest in servers and other equipment as well as a dedicated IT person to manage it.
  • On-premise will cost more initially, but is cost-effective over time and is good for businesses that like to retain control over all of its data.

Cloud features

  • There is no capital outlay as there is no need to invest in servers and other infrastructure.
  • You don’t need a dedicated person managing your network as your hosted provider will maintain everything for you.

Why Unified Communications?

Unified Communications technologies is more than your voice infrastructure seamlessly integrating applications; it provides the capability to improve collaboration, productivity and overall business performance.

Today's Unified Communications solutions can help your business keep up with the times and meet challenges head on:


Each element works in harmony to equip users with valuable, productivity-enhancing capabilities including:

  • Instant messaging 
  • Presence - knowing if someone is free or busy
  • Unified messaging - the ability to retrieve all your messages from once central location
  • Conferencing applications - to connect to larger groups and allow them to share information and ideas
  • Video conferencing - on your PC,  mobile device and using room-based systems
  • Mobile applications - extending unified communications and collaboration to smartphones and tablets

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