Cloud Firewall

Commsworld are very aware of the cyber threats that are becoming more prevalent by the day and have designed a number of differentiated solutions to support and protect our clients.

Cloud Firewall is a managed centralised firewall service which extends the benefits of a single piece of on premise equipment across multiple sites on the network. Commsworld can provide and manage a centralised Firewall which will provide resilient, scalable and robust network security.

Customer Challenges

As bandwidth consumption grows exponentially, Firewall throughput needs to be able to match it. Many networks today have over complicated firewall designs with many using Firewalls at multiple sites that are difficult to manage. As bandwidth requirements increase there is often a need to upgrade equipment at further cost.

Further complications come from the ever increasing use of both organisational and personal devices such as Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops to support a flexible mobile workforce. Over 4 Million people work from home in the UK so access to business information is a constant requirement.

Clients therefore seek solutions that are simple to deploy and manage that deliver high levels of security and are also future proofed. Organisations are also being challenged by their governance and Insurance bodies to evidence that they are protecting their data.


The Requirements

Simple – Solutions that are simple to manage and monitor.
High performance – High performance with future-proofed upgradability to support an ever increasing mobile workforce.
Professional Grade Network Services – Seamless integration with an organisation’s WAN infrastructure.
Reliable – Resilience and reliability to ensure maximum uptime.
Flexible – Simple to manage change.

The Solutions

Cloud FW replaces physical firewalls
Manage up to 9Gb/s throughput
Single point of firewalling
Future-proofed pay-as-you-grow model
Fully redundant infrastructure

The Benefits

Cloud FW is simple to manage and monitor
No capex spends and hardware refreshes
Fully integrated into your Commsworld Fluency low latency network
Adaptable for a flexible workforce


Resilient, Scalable and Robust Network Security

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