Object Storage

Commsworld Object Storage solutions is a centralised service which extends the benefits of a single piece of on-premise equipment across multiple sites on the network. If a customer doesn't want to deploy and manage their own hardware, Commsworld can provide a centralised services which will provide resilient, scalable and robust network capacity. 

Our cloud based, resilient and scalable Object Storage platform can be used to store any type of digital content (images, videos, documents, backup media etc). Objects are stored in bottomless "buckets" defined by the user and can be accessed on demand. 


  • Resilience from having many hosts
  • Migrate legacy operating systems/applications
  • Fully managed IaaS
  • Geographically separated replication 
  • Affordable Windows Licencing opex model
  • Can be Internet facing


  • Mitigate the risk of old unsupported hardware failing
  • Customer has full administrative control
  • Effectively unlimited storage capacity
  • Backups can be snapshot without powering down 


What will you store?

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