G-Cloud for the Public Sector

The G-Cloud 12 framework allows UK public sector bodies to search and buy cloud computing services from a digital catalogue. 

This framework makes it easier for local councils, central government and other public sector bodies to procure cloud computing services by listing all services and suppliers on the digital marketplace and using simple 6-step buying process to match suppliers and customers all in one central place. 

G-Cloud has 3 lots:

  • Lot 1 - Cloud Hosting
  • Lot 2 - Cloud Software
  • Lot 3 - Cloud Support

Commsworld is listed across all three lots.

Why should buyers use          G-Cloud?

  • The procurement process is fast and easy
  • It is cost effective - for every £1 spend, £1 is saved
  • Access to a variety of services from a wide range of suppliers
  • The digital catalogue provides up to date information on the latest technology offerings

How to buy on G-Cloud

There is a 6-step process on the Commercial Crown Service Digital Marketplace that you need to follow and all documents including call-off and framework agreements, schedules and supplier lists are also available to complete.

Before you start your search you will need a list of requirements to start your audit trail.

There are two ways currently a buyer can evaluate and award a contract on G-Cloud

Once the first step has been carried out (the search for your pre-defined requirements) and only one supplier result meets your needs then you can award directly.

If your results list more than one supplier that meets all the criteria then you can either choose the supplier with the lowest price or use the M.E.A.T process (most economically advantageous tender) to evaluate multiple suppliers and award based on best fit rather than solely price.

For full guidance on the buying process you can download this CSS guide.

Public Sector Enquiries

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