SMEs are the heart and soul of Commsworld, with over 20 years’ experience in this field we aren’t here to confuse you with jargon or terminology that means nothing to you, instead we take the time to understand your business needs before recommending products and services.

However, many SMEs perceive the market for communication services in the same way as a residential customer would, but business communications go beyond this. 

What some businesses don’t realise is that services specifically for businesses are more cost-effective and more efficient as they take into account the demands of a business.  Many automatically go to large well known residential suppliers for their phones, internet and mobiles ‘just because’, but their network and service is not equipped for a business user.

Commsworld’s network is solely business focused so your business critical voice and data services are not competing with residential traffic giving you better speed, service and performance.

So whether you are looking for a small phone system or a full communications solution integrating your phones, internet and mobiles, Commsworld has packages to cater to every size and complexity.

We can also talk you through the importance of additional services such as Cyber Security and Office 365 and how these benefit your business. 

Depending on the size of your business and type of business, which in the SME landscape can vary greatly, so will your communication needs:

  • Not all businesses will need or want their voice platform or applications in the cloud
  • Internet data usage and needs will differ
  • Service Level Agreements will have different priorities for different verticals and size of company
  • And, the level of integration between other business software and platforms will range from not at all to a complete unified collaboration solution

We work with thousands of business across all sectors and have a range of IT and communication solutions to help you stay agile and successful.


Capital Document Solutions

Industry: Managed Print Services

We needed to have one common telecoms platform throughout the Company as communications is a key factor in the success of any Company.  We also took the decision that to facilitate the new Telecoms System and ongoing IT projects that we should upgrade all our Branch Circuits. 

This took the complexity of the project to a new level and we knew that Project Managing this was paramount, ensuring that everything fell into place with minimal disruption to the Company. This was the main reason that we turned to Commsworld and to be honest I wouldn’t have entrusted this project to anybody else.


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