Cloud VPN

Commsworld Cloud VPN will provide organisations with the same interaction that they have currently, but with additional functionality and increase security so customer can access all the applications they are used to at work, at home or anywhere. Instead of the client having to power, store and manage their own hardware, Commsworld provides Cloud VPN as a service, we manage everything, provisioning a resilient service which sits on our network. 


It is estimated that there are 1.6 million mobile devices in the work place and employees expect to be able to use their devices wherever they are the same way they do at home, quickly, efficiently and with no barriers. It's no surprise that the number is so high nor that the trend of employees opting for single device for personal and mobile use will continue to grow. Especially when you consider 1.4 million people work from home permanently, with a further 600,000 people working from home or remotely regularly, using either their own or company provided mobile devices. Our Cloud VPN supports this trend. Employees are moving away from the office and the traditional 9-5 day, in favour of flexible working patterns using devices and network access that suits their lifestyles. 

Commsworld's Cloud VPN service delivers the following benefits: 

  • Cloud VPN supports multiple platforms
  • SSLVPN built in 
  • Reliable Security -2FA and Active Directory Authentication 
  • Cloud VPN platform is resilient
  • Extremely low latency 
  • Opex model available 


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