As a Fluency Wholesale Partner you have access to our full portfolio and all the associated benefits but you fully manage your client.

Wholesale Benefits:

  • Access to a competitive pricing structure.
  • We simply supply you with the service you need enabling you to sell on under your own brand name.
  • You are responsible for 1st and 2nd line support.
  • You are responsible for billing the end client.

Become a Partner

Aside from our technical skills, experience, client service and relationships we maintain with our clients, it is vital for us to have suppliers we have complete faith in. Our relationships with our suppliers are as important as those with our clients in many ways. This is particularly so when it comes to internet connectivity. Anyone in the Comms industry appreciates the difficulties many of us experience in relation to provider service so having a wholesale provider we are on first name terms with, where we can speak to the key people directly and who can give us accurate and reliable information about orders, is invaluable. We are proud to have been Fluency/Commsworld’s first wholesale partner. Comms in the UK needs more players like Fluency/Commsworld if we are to remain a digitally competitive nation. We know we’ve made the right choice of partner.