Commsworld Business Continuity Statement

Commsworld are continually reviewing the current advice from Gov.Uk and Health Protection Scotland in respect of the Coronavirus situation.

In preparation for the possible spread of the Virus, we have reviewed our Business Continuity plans and are bringing forward our next scheduled test to W/C 16thMarch.  Our business continuity plans are up to date and include identified business critical activities per department, critical staff members and facilities required to mitigate any wider scale outbreak or governmental advice that may transpire in coming weeks.

Commsworld have also assessed our supply chain requirements and are in the process of purchasing additional equipment to further support the delivery pipeline over the coming three to six months.

We have assessed all staff travel plans in accordance with the published advice from Gov.UK and have advised staff to avoid all unessential business travel. Meetings are to be conducted over MS Teams and other collaboration methods available to us.  

If you have any questions or require any additional information about our Business Continuity Plan you can call 0330 121 0000 or email