Commsworld awarded contract to deliver ultra-resilient gigabit connectivity to AGS Airports Limited


Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton Airports, owned by AGS Airports Limited have a long history of investing and managing airports.

Gone are the days where airports were just an infrastructure to support the landing and departures of aeroplanes, nowadays passengers expect access to a digital infrastructure that goes beyond the runway.

In order to achieve robust connectivity AGS Airports Limited chose Commsworld to deliver a fully resilient WAN / Internet network across their three sites. AGS have a mixture of 10Gbps and 1Gbps connectivity connecting their airports to our high-speed and highly-resilient optical network

In the aviation industry, having a secure, reliable communications infrastructure is vital for both the staff and passengers. Collectively AGS Airports Limited carry over 15million passengers per year and tonnes of air cargo to 100 destinations therefore they require a WAN network which is both physically and logically diverse.

Commsworld fully understand the critical nature of the services to be delivered across these links and our national core optical network infrastructure ensures carrier and equipment diversity to be able to deliver best of breed WAN to AGS Airports Limited.

Ricky Nicol, CEO, commented “We are delighted to have secured this contract that acknowledges our expertise in providing WAN solutions for many years.  It is great to see AGS Airports Limited investing in their digital infrastructure as the demand for bandwidth grows as does the passenger experience. Commsworld look forward helping AGS deliver a seamless end-user experience over our low-latency network.”