Ship tracking firm buoyed by unexpected network improvement

A Scottish firm that tracks the precise location of ships anywhere in the world, can boast an improved and more resilient service thanks to a team of network communication experts.

Aberdeen based Veripos gathers satellite information and uses highly specialised software to deliver real-time positioning information, with accuracy to within 10cms, of vessels working in some of the harshest environments on earth. 

The company has a number of oil and gas clients and needs 24/7 - 365 network uptime, but recently moved to new premises and had concerns that the move could lead to problems with network connectivity, leading to dangerous and reputation risking downtime. 

However, experts from Commsworld delivered a completely new solution that not only allowed the existing functionality to remain uninterrupted, it improved the performance and increased the resilience of the Veripos service.

Veripos products and services are widely used by professionals in the marine oil and gas industry where reliable and accurate precise positioning is essential for intricate, high-risk operations such as, seismic exploration, survey & construction and dynamic position drilling. 

Veripos HQThey originally asked the Edinburgh based communications specialists to duplicate their existing network solution, supplied by multiple providers, for their new premises. 

But Commsworld advised against it and instead designed a simpler solution that ensures a faster performance, reduces the risk of downtime and therefore delivers a better performance to their clients at sea. 

David Gilmore, Project Engineer at Veripos, praised the work done by Commsworld, which he says has made a notable impact to its business and the vital service they offer their clients. 

He said: “There were a few potential concerns with moving premises but our network connectivity is now faster and stronger than ever, therefore it has actually turned out to be a major - and unexpected - benefit of the move.

“Commsworld were adamant they could deliver a better solution by unbundling everything and starting again and that is exactly what they have done. It is very impressive.

“Resilience and reliability are obviously incredibly important factors when it comes to navigation and position solutions therefore this has made a major impact to our business.”

Veripos previously had multiple network carriers and technologies linking their locations across the globe using fibre, copper and ADSL. However, all of these connected to Veripos through the same exchange meaning that it was a potential single point of failure. 

The Commsworld team simplified the links by using its own Fluency network – the only dedicated Scottish network of its type, serving Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen - and introduced “triangular resilience” which means it uses two different exchanges to deliver information to and from Veripos. 
Andy Arkle, Commercial Director at Commsworld, said: “Using our network allows quicker access to data without it being bounced through servers in London or Manchester, which is the case with more traditional bigger providers, and this was certainly the case for Veripos. 

“The positioning information they deliver to ships is obviously absolutely crucial so we’re delighted our solution has helped.”

He added: “We quite often find that we can help businesses in ways they may not even have realised were possible, but that’s what we’re here for and that’s what makes the job so satisfying.” 

UK businesses have now ordered over 500 circuits from Commsworld since its launch in 2013.  Commsworld have committed to an aggressive expansion plan of its Network with particular focus on low latency performance within the Scottish geography.  With another four Points of Presence being deployed right now, this strategy further re-enforces the direction and investment Commsworld has taken to deliver cutting edge solutions to their clients.

Commsworld, founded in 1994, is Scotland’s leading Unified Communications specialist and Network Provider, providing customers with a full range of integrated communications solutions.