Commsworld and Emtelle forge partnership made in Scotland that is transforming fibre connectivity

Commsworld has been expanding its high-speed full-fibre network throughout Scotland, delivering internet connectivity speeds of up to 10 Gigabits to individuals and businesses in search of the most cutting-edge digital connection available.

Commsworld on-site laying Emtelle fibreCentral to this growth has been the working partnership between Commsworld and its fellow Scottish-headquartered company Emtelle, a leading global provider of innovative passive infrastructure solutions.

Over the past four years Commsworld and Emtelle have developed a partnership that has seen Commsworld’s infrastructure go from strength to strength, transforming connectivity across the UK.

Commsworld approached Emtelle after securing several major contracts in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Northumberland, North Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire and the Scottish Borders.

Commsworld’s network connectivity was also used in Glasgow for the Euro 2020 football championships, TRNSMT Festival and the World Pipe Band Championships. Last year it successfully provided connectivity to the inaugural UCI World Cycling Championships, with 13 events being staged in Glasgow and across Scotland over the course of 11 days.

Key to the growth of this relationship has been the quality of the fibre and subducts provided by Emtelle. The result has been a product that has helped deliver superior fibre network coverage in all the geographical areas in which it has been installed.

For example, in North Lanarkshire, Emtelle products contributed to Commsworld delivering 340km network of gigabit-capable ultra-fast full fibre to transform residential, business and public sector connectivity.

It also transformed North Lanarkshire Council’s digital infrastructure, boosting school internet access, the creation of a free public WiFi network across town centres and community facilities, and connections to 29 parks in North Lanarkshire, including Strathclyde, Palacerigg and Drumpellier country parks as well as all business parks.

In Renfrewshire, again thanks to Emtelle products, Commsworld is poised to complete the migration of Renfrewshire Council to a new WAN, with fully upgraded connectivity across the council estate, and a radical upgrade in bandwidth across the local authority region.

All pupils learning in Renfrewshire’s schools will benefit from faster gigabit-capable broadband, with new full-fibre connectivity coverage in turn providing a future-proof platform for years to come across council buildings, its CCTV and traffic control.

With the World Cycling Championships, Commsworld made history by becoming the first telecoms network provider to deliver connectivity for this new combined global event.

The UCI tasked Commsworld with providing a WAN capable of providing the bandwidth necessary for multiple use – from broadcasters including European host EBU, Eurovision Services and UK host the BBC to streaming championship races live.

Thanks to Emtelle once more providing quality passive network solutions, Commsworld’s team delivered resilient connectivity of up to 10 gigabits to Glasgow’s George Square, the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, Glasgow Green and the BMX Centre as well as to the BBC’s headquarters in the city.

The result was 11 days of excellent and unrestricted coverage that placed the 2023 Cycling World Championships in the top 10 most watched sporting events in the world, and a host city in Glasgow whose ability to stage sporting events of global significance was boosted worldwide.

Emtelle cables and subduct products were used on all of Commsworld’s build in the Scottish Borders.

This proactive approach to local sourcing has proven to be a key factor in preventing potential failures, highlighting Commsworld's unwavering commitment to operational excellence.

Commsworld Infrastructure Manager Ritchie Galloway said: "The local support provided on demanding projects has been unparalleled. Knowing that if we had any onsite technical requirements, we could have one of the Emtelle team available on site in less than a couple of hours has been invaluable.

“One of the key technical reasons for choosing Emtelle blown fibre bundles is the speed and ease at which Commsworld engineers can install them compared with others in the market.

“This strategic decision not only enhances project efficiency but also underscores Commsworld's commitment to utilising cutting-edge technology to stay ahead in the industry. The choice of Emtelle's blown fibre bundles reflects a dedication to providing their clients with top-notch solutions, further solidifying the success of their collaborative efforts.”