Commsworld and SmartSTEMs - Inspiring our young people about a future in STEM

In January 2022 Commsworld was awarded a £150m contract with North Lanarkshire
Council to transform digital connectivity across the region, a key element within this
contract was the additional benefits it would bring to the community and its citizens
with a focus on supporting young people into a career in STEM.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, developing an environment
Commsworld SmartSTEMs Case Studythat empowers young minds to explore science, technology, engineering,
and mathematics (STEM) is crucial. Commsworld, recognises the
significance of developing and nurturing the next generation and so do
SmartSTEMs; a charity dedicated to inspiring, engaging and challenging
young people to think differently about STEM.

Through our ongoing partnership, Commsworld and SmartSTEMs
support digital education initiatives with a series of events and interactive
workshops for 10-14 year olds featuring passionate and inspiring speakers
designed to engage and open minds.

Check our work with SmartSTEMs and read the full case study here.