What’s new from Mitel: Maximising efficiency and enhancing productivity

As businesses begin to settle into a new, post-pandemic way of working, most likely a mix of remote and hybrid working; leveraging your current communications infrastructure to stay competitive, increase productivity and maximise efficiency is strategically important.

Commsworld’s Solutions Architect, Paul Moore joined with Mitel’s Sale Engineer, Richard O’Keefe for a webinar to delve into what’s new from Mitel and give our customers an insight on what has changed and ways to adapt their own communication infrastructure for the better.

In this webinar Paul and Richard discuss-

  • How Mitel can help employees better collaborate
  • New features and updates with Mitel
  • Maximising integration using Mitel products
  • How Mitel helps your business maximise its efficiency
  • A Walkthrough on Mitel Assistant

So, if you didn't get a chance to join the webinar then you can watch the session in full below: