Remote Working Solutions - Video Conferencing

Real-time video conferencing for businesses regardless of location or time.

The current climate is a difficult time for everyone, businesses are trying to limit contact among employees, customers and partners where possible but naturally this will have an impact on productivity and business activity.

Trying to strike a balance between keeping employees safe and upholding business operations is a real conflict of interest and demand on priorities.

Thankfully in times like these this is when technology can really come into its own. By utilising solutions like video conferencing, day-to-day operations needn't be so difficult.

Video conferencing can keep businesses online and and employees out the office - paramount in this current climate.

In response to the Coronavirus Mitel is offering a free 6 month trial of their MiTeams Meetings.

MiTeams Meetings is a multi-party video solution with seamless transitions between voice, video, and chat capabilities to offer a true collaboration experience. 

Watch this short video for a demonstration on how it works and the benefits: 

For businesses to succeed, they don't simply need employees to be able to make / take phone call. They need them to be able to communicate and collaborate seamlessly and effortlessly as if they were in the same room, especially when they cannot be.

MiTeams can help simplify the way employees engage and share information making it easeir for them to connect seamlessly, interactively and productively.

Download MiTeams Summary Guide>>

We’re here to support you at this critical time to help ensure minimum downtime, disruption and risk to your business.  Get in touch, call 0330 121 0000 for advice and more information.