How full fibre will improve education

The planned roll out of full fibre to 100 towns and cities across the UK, is set to make significant improvements and bring innovation to the education sector. The new connection promises gigabit speeds for local services and businesses, and is part of the government’s £500m digital pledge.

In a recent report, CityFibre acknowledged that “the education sector is already being transformed through digital technology. Full fibre will accelerate new more flexible ways for students to learn remotely and to use interactive e-learning tools”.

It’s hoped the roll out of full fibre across the country will help upgrade schools and give students greater access to ever-evolving digital technologies.

Bringing digital transformation to classrooms across the UK

Many of today’s classrooms are already tech-friendly spaces. As more millennials enter the teaching professional, technology is sure to become a mainstay of the modern classroom. Plus faster, more reliable broadband connections can remove one of the major barriers to more advanced technology being used in education.

Devices and application which promote engagement and collaboration are some of the most popular tech tools for teachers.

Kahoot! is the top education app in both the US and UK, with 50 million active monthly users. The app allows teachers to create their own educational games and quizzes to display on shared screens. And instead of the traditional blackboards, you’ll find interactive touchscreen whiteboards in every classroom.

Technology can also help teachers prioritise their workload and in turn manage the stress often associated with the profession. Intranets help to connect students, teachers and parents and share video feedback, online lesson plans and marking online.

Using this type of technology depends heavily upon a reliable, fast connection - which is where the full fibre network will help more schools become connected.

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