Pure Fibre

A pure fibre connection all the way from the internet to a business’s premises provides access to affordable connectivity and the most advanced digital connection possible.

Whether it's faster speeds to work more productively such as multiple users across multiple sites sharing and accessing centralised files; or more bandwidth to take the leap into Cloud Computing, a pure fibre connection is a unique differentiator that will set your business apart from your competitors whilst enjoying the many other benefits it has to offer.

The Key Technology Differentiator

Pure, 100% fibre networks are over 100 times faster than most current broadband lines in the UK, what’s more connected customer sites will be parented back to the nearest unbundled exchange and will be fully integrated into the existing Commsworld Fluency metro network, translating to a truly gigabit experience for the user. 

Pure Fibre Network


Gigabit speed, future-proof connectivity


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Unique Benefits of Pure Fibre

There are substantial technical, commercial and development benefits associated with a new transformational pure fibre in the infrastructure in the city including:

  • Multi-gigabit grade connectivity
  • Virtually limitless capacity
  • Incredibly low latency
  • Every fibre route will have enough capacity to enable growth way beyond the initial requirements
  • Affordable, faster and better service compared with traditional telecoms operators
  • Becoming a fibre rich city providing Gigabit speeds to public sector, business and residents can increase a city’s annual GDP by over 1%, equating to hundreds of new jobs for the city economy

When and where

Construction has begun in two Gigabit Cities – Edinburgh and Aberdeen, and will soon transform the business communities.

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