How to get your employees to buy in to new technology

04 September 2017

If you’re a business owner, you’ll know there are two types of employee: those who like change and those who do not. We aren’t all children of the digital revolution, and new technology is a little harder for some of us to pick up, so resistance to change can be a common reaction when you try to roll out something new.

New digital technology can bring an enormous number of benefits to your business. From increased productivity to higher sales, and better collaboration to improved efficiency - embracing change has never been more important to businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition.

So when it comes to introducing new technology to your business, how can you possibly get buy in across your workforce? Read on for some helpful pointers…

Help them see the value

If someone has no idea the value of a new tool or process, then why should they waste their time and energy using it? Employees need to see the benefits on new innovations, particularly in how they relate directly to their role. Is it going to make their life easier? Will it save them valuable time? Make an effort to communicate the positive difference the new technology will make to both them and the wider business.

Give them the skills

A good deal of resistance to new technology comes from fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of a lack of knowledge and skills, and fear of getting something wrong. Managers and team leaders should understand knee jerk reactions come from less tech-savvy employees because they haven’t been given proper training in how to use the new technology. A small investment in training at the start, can reap real rewards in the long run.

Choose the right technology

It’s a lot easier to introduce new technology that is relatively simple to use and has a nice, user-friendly interface. It also needs to be the right fit for your business - there’s no point in investing heavily in something you’ll never use. Our cloud services, for example, are designed to grow and expand with your business, so you’ll never ‘outgrow’ the solution you originally opt for.

Encourage adoption

Introduce the new technology as soon as possible and try to make it part of their everyday routine so that employees can start to familiarise themselves with the new way of working. Communicate regularly - keep them up to date with the progress and highlight the positive impact it is having throughout the business.

These are just some ways you can help your employees embrace new technology. If you’re interested in any of our solutions, talk to us today.

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