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  • KRACK - Why WiFi should never be trusted

    18 October 2017
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    With the news of the KRACK vulnerability in WPA2 WiFi encryption being such a huge shock to the industry, IT departments all over the world are scrambling to lock down their devices and WiFi equipment.  Unfortunately for your average user, this is yet another situation where the security goalposts have moved, and we’re having to re-educate people on what used to be a well established …

  • How to get your employees to buy in to new technology

    04 September 2017
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    If you’re a business owner, you’ll know there are two types of employee: those who like change and those who do not. We aren’t all children of the digital revolution, and new technology is a little harder for some of us to pick up, so resistance to change can be a common reaction when you try to roll out something new.

    New digital technology can bring an enormous number of …

  • Going to the dark side: a brief history of dark fibre in Scotland

    18 August 2017
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    Dark fibre is a term given to the unused or unlit cables used in fibre optic communication. The unused network holds the potential for businesses and organisations to reap the benefits of a Pure Fibre connection, benefits including gigabit speeds and future-proof connectivity.

    Several of Scotland’s key cities have tapped into the potential of dark fibre, and at Commsworld we’ve been …

  • 5 ways to dramatically improve internal communication

    10 August 2017
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    Good internal communication is vital for a successful business. Excellent communication can promote increased productivity, encourage collaboration, reduce conflict, and make your business more effective overall. While improved internal communication can improve your business, it can also improve the health and happiness of your staff.

    Despite the benefits of good communication, unfortunately …

  • How a 16 year old brought down Microsoft and Sony with a DDoS attack

    06 July 2017
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    In your long list of business priorities, protecting yourself from a DDoS attack may not feature highly. However, DDoS attacks are on the rise, particularly amongst small to medium sized enterprises that leave themselves vulnerable.

    Hitting the headlines recently, is British teenager Adam Mudd, who was just 15 when he created software that lead to more than 1.7 million cyber attacks across the …

  • How to prepare your business for the summer holidays

    28 June 2017
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    It’s that time of year once again, when the kids are out of school and on some days you wouldn’t be surprised to see some tumbleweed slowly making it’s way across the mostly empty office…

    But business must go on as normal. The summer holidays can be a trying time for companies, particularly small to medium sized enterprises that depend upon a small workforce. It’s …

  • Is your business at risk of a DDoS attack?

    21 June 2017
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    The world is changing, and so are the threats to your business. No longer are crooks likely to don a mask and burst into your premises demanding money, nowadays they can pay an amateur hacker just £120 to completely take your business offline and hold you to ransom. It’s a scary thought. Particularly when so many businesses today rely on their internet connection to keep customers and …

  • What is a Gigabit City?

    13 June 2017
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    Chances are you’ve heard of gigabit cities. But what exactly are they?

    We’ve been working in partnership with CityFibre to bring faster, more reliable broadband connections to businesses and local services in cities across Scotland. Read on to find out what makes a gigabit city, and why they’re such an important part of the digital revolution.

    There are currently 22 gigabit …

  • How unified communications can transform your business

    06 June 2017
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    The way we work is changing. Tablets and smartphones have become commonplace, and working remotely is increasingly part of business culture. Your employees need to be able to work any place, at any time and while also staying connected.

    The best types of communication work together, seamlessly in sync - or in other words, unified.

    Unified communications - sometimes referred to simply as UC …

  • What Pure Fibre can do for Scotland's businesses

    25 May 2017
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    Dark fibre is a term used to define fibre optic infrastructure that isn’t currently activated. Networks of dark fibre exist beneath many cities and hold the potential to improve connectivity for countless businesses. Fibre is referred to as ‘dark’ when not in use i.e. activated, as the transfer of data lights up the cables. Once activated, a dark fibre network is sometimes …